partly because...



This collection came into conception partly because of the colour orange, and a vivid memory of New York street art, and the love I felt for the city on a recent trip. Partly because, it was this shared love of New York with Frank O’ Hara, that drew me into “Having a coke’ with him. It was partly because of the vivid, graphic and abstract method of his writing had me thinking about Abstract expressionism, Pop Art, Warhol and the American vernacular. The exploration of the connections between Warhol and Frank resulted in textile prints for the collection that are infused with photos from my time in New York and offer a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ self-portraiture because “Everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes”.

Partly because all of these pieces coalesced and suddenly, I was approaching street-style from a different point of view, away from that which is tried and true, but instead unexpected and irreverent. This collection explores the interchange-ability and juxtaposition of 17th century design details alongside contemporary street style, in much the same way that the Mona Lisa has seamlessly become a poster girl for contemporary street art. It is the juxtaposition of high and low design details that draws all of these conclusions together, in an ode to New York.



styling: olivia danielle
beauty: campbell ritchie
photography:sophie costello
design & Creative direction: tennille sanders
model: roxanne fernandes