“.prescribed” is the graduate collection for Tennille Sanders, the collection explores the psychological process of compartmentalisation and the mechanisms employed by the individual to avoid mental discomfort. The combination of fashion and psychology resulted in the evolution of modern silhouettes, that was strongly focused on a controlled shape experimentation. The dimensional silhouettes reference the individual’s compartmentalisation, seeking to provide a design intention that reveals the individual’s psychological state.

The creative process was a constant equilibrium between the visual and the intellectual leading to a continuous development of ideas. The collection was influenced by a strong scientific background and inspired by chemical structure, which facilitated the shape experimentation. Textile development has been fundamental to the success of the collection, resulting in the application of textiles that enhance the graphic silhouettes. The use of silver coated and embossed neoprene enabled the dimensional silhouettes, whilst thermochromatic (colour changing) dye was applied to silk twill to represent emotional vulnerability within the collection.


photography: dean raphael
beauty: mariah papatheoharous
model: roxanne fernandes
Design and creative direction: tennille sanders